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Tips On How To Sell Your Tenant-Occupied Property

You might own the property, but tenants have rights and clauses on the lease to avoid being kicked out.

No matter what lease agreement and type of tenant you have, it's important to know where landlord and tenants rights start and end.

Tenant on a month-to-month lease

Look up the laws of your state and clauses on your lease to determine how much notice you have to give you tenant to vacate the property. It usually is between 30-60 days of notice and the best practice is to send your tenant a letter with instructions on how you would like for them to vacate your property.

Tenant on a fixed lease

Assuming that the tenant is in good standing, they are required to live out the lease period, unless there is an early termination clause in the lease.

Sell to in investor

Marketing the property to investors can be an excellent choice if you're wanting to sell immediately and your tenant still has time to live out the lease. Many times investors are happy to have tenants living already at the property to maximize their profits.

Pay-out your tenant to vacate

Yes that is correct, you heard right! Paying someone to leave your property might be the best option to have them vacate immediately. 

Consider Incentives

You can offer certain incentives to your tenant to have them cooperate with showing the home. Giving your tenant a break on rent can be a good strategy to let the tenant show the property and make sure the home is clean and ready to show.



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