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How to Pick the Perfect Real Estate Sales-Associate to Sell Your Home

How to Pick the Perfect Real Estate Sales-Associate to Sell Your Home

Many people make the mistake of assuming that all real estate agents are alike. Choosing the right real estate agent to sale your home is fundamental and it's important for you as a seller to find an adequate agent to have your home's sale go as smoothly as possible. 

The best way to find one of these agents is to ask the right interview questions to a potential real estate agent for you home. Asking the right questions to find the right person to take the responsibility of selling your property and being completely prepared before putting up a home for sale will be key in having a carefree and stressless transaction. 

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The Right Interview Questions To Ask

When you ask the right questions, you will increase your odds to successfully finding the right agent for you.


How long have you been selling Real Estate?

Longer time working does not generally mean a better agent - younger agents can be more hungry and driven for success.

How many homes have you sold as a seller's agent in the last year?

A higher number is usually best.

What was the average difference from the listing price to the final sale price?

A good agent should report a smaller number. This would entail that the agent is is skilled at setting an appropriate price from the start.

Do you have an assistant?

An agent that is busy selling homes would not have the time to handle day-to-day tasks, a good agent will have the resources to provide a premium service and hire an assistant to have free time for important tasks.

Can you help me make my home more marketable?

An agent with good skills will help you turn your home into a desirable property, even if it currently has some issues.

Will you be the primary person to communicate with both me and any potential buyers?

While you want an agent that has the resources to hire assistance, you also want someone who makes communications with you and with buyers a priority.

Take Your Time Making A Decision

Selecting a Realtor to represent your interests when selling a home is an important decision. For most people a home is one of their largest assets. Take the selection process seriously and you will more than likely be happy with the end results. Thinking all Realtors are created equal and do the same things to sell homes will more than likely lead to an unpleasant selling experience.

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