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5 Upgrades That Increase Your Homes Value Under $1,000

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Adding value to your home can be inexpensive and easy with a few strategic upgrades.

A clutter-free and clean home will maximize profit when the time to move on from your home comes. There are many upgrades you can do easily to impress buyers and incentivizes buyers for under $1,000. Here are some affordable strategic upgrades:

Install a thermostat that is programmable

Using a programmable thermostat allows you to customize a temperature profile for throughout the day. Long term savings can result by reducing adjusting the temperature during the hours of the day that no one is home or when you're is asleep. Some thermostats can be compatible with your smartphone.

Replace the toilets

Replacing old toilets can not just change things aesthetically, it can also save water and reduce your water bill.

Add new blinds or curtains

If you home still has old aluminum blinds or outdated curtains, consider replacing them. This can modernize the room and give that extra something to your home.

Add a filtration system for the water

As water has become a concern in many major cities across the USA, installing a whole-house water filtration system can be a deal maker. This amenity will pay off by itself eliminating the need to purchase unfriendly plastic bottles and having the luxury to drink clean filtered water from the faucet of your home.

Update your fixtures

Your bathroom and kitchen are critical areas of your home. Updating worn fixtures, placing new hardware and painting your cabinets will bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchens and bathrooms.

Anticipating and tackling these smaller projects will have a huge selling impact and a bonus, you can enjoy them in the meantime!  

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